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Sabrina Beretta is a French artist, her artistic career begins with drawing and illustrating books, by the nickname of “Art Et Be”, the anagram of her last name. Little by little, painting has taken an increasingly important place. A style that resembles her was born. “Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.” Pablo Picasso


Sabrina works on the association and/or the opposition of two sides, two perceptions, while suggesting a symmetry that does not exist. The scar of many facets. Through this graphic approach, she interprets in her own way, (de)construction, paradox, duality, metamorphosis.


The representation of the butterfly is recurrent, it evokes rebirth, transformation, freedom… Subjects that refer to her personal history. She creates signature artworks, entitled “Butterfly Effect”. Sabrina is fascinated by the idea that one small incident can have a big impact, and that with one flap of wings anything can shatter.




Very active on social networks, find Sabrina on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.