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My name is Sabrina Beretta, self-taught artist born in 1989 in France.

Although I'm from an environment that is not open to art, I have been attracted since I was young by beautiful images and the desire to create. Everything was a pretext for creation: from calligraphy to engraving through the mosaic. Since I was little, an inexhaustible desire to learn, exploring new horizons and discovering the world. Always in search of inspiration and new influences, when I don't concretely create, I reinvent the world and imagine new universes.


I have always liked to concretize an idea by expressing myself on various supports and techniques. This is why I choose to studies in Multimedia and Digital Arts in order to work as a graphic designer. I refined my creativity and my technique but the digital art was only a beginning. It was in parallel, and as an self-taught, that I decided to regain physical contact with the support through drawing and painting.


This need for expression appeared to me as evidence and a way of being. ART ET BE (Art & Be) is an anagram of my name BERETTA, and literally means "Art and Being". It's a bit my philosophy of life : Art to Be and Being Art.
My works are the witnesses of my state of mind and my emotions. I have an infinite passion for images that are easy to contemplate for hours by always discovering new details. This is why most of my works are characterized by geometric shapes and meticulous details creating patterns corresponding to a wide variety of universes. This artistic sensibility is translated using different techniques and supports: canvases, drawings, digital illustrations...


My perseverance and the support of a community of supporters allowed me to publish several books in self-publishing and then to collaborate with several publishing houses. I have many ongoing and upcoming projects and I hope to continue as long as possible.


« My contribution to the world is my ability to draw.
I want to draw as much as I can, for as many people as I can, and as long as I can »


-  Keith Haring  -


Sabrina Beretta est une illustratrice et dessinatrice autodidacte ardennaise

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